Meet sn-ap

Thomas Ableman, CEO

Thomas is the former Commercial Director of Britain’s fastest growing rail franchise, Chiltern Railways. Previously Product Development Director for National Express, he came up with the idea for Sn-ap and quickly recognised its huge potential to transform the way we all do Intercity Leisure Travel. Thomas romanced his wife Helen on-board trips between London and Oxford, where they both studied, on the Oxford Tube coach service. He likes sitting second row back, left hand side. You’re surrounded by huge windows and get an amazing view.

Rob Brighouse, Operations Director

Rob is the former Managing Director of Chiltern Railways and a transport and infrastructure development expert. He and Thomas have always worked successfully as a team until now. And it still sort of works, except when Thomas recites the “Now, I am the Master” speech from Star Wars. His best coach trip ever was the six-hour journey from Cusco to Puno, in Peru, where he visited Lake Titicaca with his wife – a stunning trip!

Christy Stewart-Smith, Sales & Marketing Director

Christy has always worked in PR & Advertising, except for four years spent as Head of Group Marketing Strategy at Insurance giant Aviva plc. His best coach trip was travelling up to Edinburgh for the festival. Half the coach was performing in the festival, so the whole trip was like a travelling performance. Great fun. He jumps out of aeroplanes for fun, so he’ll sit anywhere he’s told, as long as he’s by a window.

Tom Moreton, Product Director

Tom is the founder and owner of digital agency Fat Beehive in Shoreditch. He learned to love travelling by coach on a US trip – coast-to-coast and back again on the Greyhounds – a fantastic time viewing great American landscapes, reading about the USA and snoozing. He likes somewhere towards the back – undisturbed and cosy, away from the ‘business’ end of the coach

Leonie Sadler, Finance Director

Budgeting and forecasting legend Leonie joined us from BOC Gases, where she was Finance Manager for Healthcare for four years. Her most exciting time on a coach was in Cuba; a thrilling ride through the jungle on largely unmade road.  The coach driver attained legendary status on that trip!

Marcus Standish, General Manager, Nottingham

Marcus is former President of Aston University Student Union. He’s a keen skier, so he’s done a lot of travelling by coach. He’s pleased England’s roads have fewer hairpin bends and steep, mountainous drops. He likes to sit anywhere peaceful, where you can get a bit of kip.

Josh Cockcroft, Business Analyst

Film & media expert Josh used to work for Goldman Sachs, before he saw the light. His favourite coach trip was across Tanzania, visiting national parks. He likes the first seat to the left of the driver.

Kate Gardner, Customer Service & Social Media Manager

Kate recently completed a History degree at Merton College, Oxford so she knows exactly how old most of the trains in the UK are. She prefers a form of transport that is comfortable, guarantees a seat and doesn’t require you to be in the personal space of seven other people. She always goes for the seat right at the front on the left-hand side, because you get the best view and can get off quickly at the end without waiting behind everyone else.

Angelo Boccato, Customer Service & Social Media Manager

Angelo is a journalist and blogger specialising in geopolitics, EU affairs , labour issues, human rights , social movements, economics, environment, finance and on-demand Intercity coach travel.

Justine Livingstone, Lead Trip Builder

Tax and Reward Specialist and Pilates Obsessive Justine leads our brilliant team of Trip Builders. Her favourite coach trip was to see New Kids on the Block, at Docklands Arena circa 1990. Music just isn’t what it used be! She likes a quiet and peaceful seat several rows away from her children.

Petra Dolejsova, Trip Builder

Petra built her career in a variety of relationship programme management and marketing roles in IT Services. She was responsible for a Europe-wide Influencer Relationship Programme with key analyst and advisory firms. She has a MSc. in Business and Economics from Life Science University in Prague. A conservation charity volunteer helping with sustainability tasks and supporting community, she is a keen bike rider who races for a competitive women’s cycling team and loves climbing mountains.

Joe Banfi, Trip Builder

Joe lives a double life as a philosophy and law graduate from the University of Sheffield by day, and as a singer-songwriter signed to Communion Records by night. His gigs take him on the road so often that any coach journey makes him feel at home.