Welcome to our new site!

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Have you noticed things looking a little different around here? We’ve launched our new system, making us the truly on-demand service we set out to be.


So how does it work?


You simply enter the details of where you want to go, your desired pick-up location, and when you want to travel.


You’ll either be given the option to book a ‘confirmed’ trip that meets your requirements – this is a trip that is already running – or to create a ‘still building’ trip. If enough other people want to take the same ‘still building’ trip, it will go ahead as requested. If not, it won’t, but we’ll point you in the direction of any trips similar to yours that do have enough demand to run. You’ll know at least 72 hours in advance whether your trip is going ahead – you will only ever be charged for the trips that do.


Still confused? This video should clear things up.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or anything we can help you with.