Sn-ap is raising money for Adoption UK!

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At Christmas, a lot of emphasis is placed on spending time with family, so it seems a particularly poignant season to consider those whose families require extra support.

On Saturday 17th December, Sn-ap is donating all ticket sales to Adoption UK, the leading charity providing support for  those parenting or looking after children who cannot live with their birth parents. Their aim is to ensure that all young people find a loving and secure permanent home, and an environment in which they can achieve their full potential.

Their mission is as follows:


Provide peer to peer support through our online information, message boards, helpline and different levels of individual support, depending on need. All those providing this support communicate from their lived experience of adoption and/or professional expertise.

Influence decision makers through the knowledge and experience of our members and the wider adoption and long-term fostering communities. We carry out research, develop case studies and contribute to empirical evidence of what it is like to be an adopter or long-term carer of a child who is unable to live with their birth family in the 21st century.

Provide training and publications that set out to inform adopters, carers and professionals alike of the neurological and psychological effects of early childhood trauma and attachment difficulties. Adoption UK helps parents and carers to transform the lives of children, so that they can better overcome and come to terms with what has happened in their lives.


If you travel with Sn-ap this Saturday, you’ll be having a direct impact on the lives of young people. Why not share the festive spirit, and take your own family for a day out – maybe ice-skating at Somerset House, or to Winter Wonderland – and know that you’re benefiting other families at the same time?

If you’re looking to go away for a little longer, Sn-ap is also running a one-off service from Nottingham to Heathrow at 9.30am this Saturday.