Interview: 10 Questions with Sn-ap’s Founder and CEO, Thomas Ableman

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  1. What’s your role at Sn-ap?

I lead the team, set the strategy and support my colleagues.

  1. What does that look like on a daily basis?

A lot of talking to my colleagues! I also try to spend time in the wider world and spend several days a week on our coaches.

  1. Have you always worked in travel/tech, or do you have a different background?

I’ve always been in the travel sector. First National Express and then Chiltern Railways.

  1. What’s been your worst ever experience on public transport?

Probably being loaded with drugs by a pair of Dutch gun runners just before a group of armed Czech border guards came to check our train compartment. Especially as we had to spend the rest of the night in the same compartment as the gun runners!

  1. What’s your favourite piece of tech (can be a device, an app, literally anything) and how has it made a difference to your life?

CityMapper: a shameless plug for another travel tech startup that makes car-free connectivity joyful.

  1. What’s the best thing about working at Sn-ap?

Being able to give anyone the chance to go anyway at high quality and low cost. It sounds like an answer written by our (non-existent) PR department, but that’s why I set the business up. Up until now, transport has involved a trade off between price, quality and stress. Sn-ap is designed to prevent customers having to choose. And I love talking to customers on coaches and finding out we’re succeeding.

  1. Sn-ap is about on-demand travel, giving customers the power to decide where they go and when. What would be your ideal Sn-ap journey, and who with?

I’ve already done it! And it’s to London with my delightful 8 year old daughter. And, of course, her teddy (named ‘teddy’) who had to come too.

  1. What’s the best snap decision you’ve ever made?

I tend not to make snap decisions. But my wife and I decided to have our first daughter on a day trip to Ely, and that particular Cambridgeshire town will always be a special place for me as a result. Even if I don’t go there very often.

  1. What’s been your funniest moment at Sn-ap?

Most of them have tended to involve people misinterpreting the idea of Sn-ap as a platform that connects people to coaches. If you’ve made that mistake, I recommend

  1. Since we’re moving round the corner to a pizza place… what’s your favourite kind of pizza?