Interview: 10 Questions With Rob, Sn-ap’s Co-Founder

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  1. What’s your role at Sn-ap?

I would call myself Thomas’s “co-founder”. But, having said that, the bright idea was his! I am acting as the Operations Director, but will become Chairman when we recruit a full time and experienced Operations Director from the coach/bus industry.


  1. What does that look like on a daily basis?

As acting Operations Director, meeting with our existing suppliers (or partners as I prefer to call them) at all levels including owners, MDs, supervisors and drivers – all of whom have a critical role to play.

Also, looking around for new partners to enable us to serve new geographic markets.

As Chairman, in addition to chairing Board meetings, I will be actively engaging with key stakeholders affecting all aspects of our current business and our growth areas.


  1. Have you always worked in travel/tech, or do you have a different background?

I have worked in transport – in three different continents – all my working life.


  1. What’s been your worst ever experience on public transport?

Taking my wife and children to Scotland and, having told them not to worry about the train times as I was a ‘professional’, then having to stand on Tamworth platform and watch the train pass through at 100mph as I had mis-read the timetable.


  1. What’s your favourite piece of tech (can be a device, an app, literally anything) and how has it made a difference to your life?

Given that I am a bit of a caffeine addict and nearly always on the move, I love my portable coffee mug/cafetière. It’s a technology I understand!


  1. What’s the best thing about working at Sn-ap?

The buzz which comes from contributing to a fun, high energy, committed, intelligent and innovative team, whilst at the same time, providing a really useful service to customers.


  1. Sn-ap is about on-demand travel, giving customers the power to decide where they go and when. What would be your ideal Sn-ap journey, and who with?

From my remote water mill on Dartmoor to anywhere on the south west coast. With my wife – of course.


  1. What’s the best snap decision you’ve ever made?

To fly to Singapore to be at my parents’ golden wedding anniversary.


  1. What’s been your funniest moment at Sn-ap?

The funniest moments are simply not repeatable! The least funny moments are, without doubt, listening to Marcus Standish’s absolutely awful puns!


  1. Since we’re moving round the corner to a pizza place… what’s your favourite kind of pizza?

My favourite pizza is “liver” – but only in the context of this sketch which is top notch humour: