How the Savvy Students Are Getting To London

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Sn-ap launched in October, and since then hundreds of students have used it to get down to London. Find out why…

Convenient Pick up and drop off locations

Heading back home for Easter? Don’t fancy lugging your bags to the train or coach station? Sn-ap picks you up from far more convenient stops much closer to your pad, whether you live in Lenton, University campus or in town. Not to mention you can bring 2 bags on board free, at no extra charge.



Pick ups / Drop offs in Nottingham include:

  • Nottingham Train Station (Queens Road)
  • Theatre Royal (South Sherwood Street, City Centre)
  • Lenton (Outside Sainsburys)
  • UoN Broadgate (Campus Westgate)

Pick Ups / Drop Offs in London include:

  • Finchley Road
  • Euston
  • Covent Garden (Kingsway)
Get picked up from the centre of Lenton


Direct, non-stop Travel

After the last pick up, it’s straight to London non-stop. There’s a toilet on board all of the executive quality transport, so you know the journey is going to be relaxing and enjoyable. Typical journey time to London is around 3 hours, and is as little as 2 hours from last pick up to first drop off, so you’re there in no time!


Wait in the warm, not the cold

Sn-ap texts you a link to track your coach, so you can see exactly where your ride is before it comes around the corner. Relax in a café out of the rain and wait for your ride to roll up, and before you know it you’re on your way!

See exactly where your coach is, so no reason to worry

Nearly Unbelievable Prices (and no booking fees!)

Prices start from as little as £3, so you can spend more money on the things you want. If Sn-ap doesn’t sound good enough already, you can try us out with a limited time special introductory discount, using promotional code ‘easteregg’*.


What About my Home Town?

We’re on-demand and don’t send nearly empty coaches wherever possible, which is how we can afford to provide travel so cheap. This means the more people that use us, the more places we can go! Help us get the word out and we’ll be nationwide in no time.


Book now at, and use the code ‘easteregg’ for a special discount…

See you on-board soon!

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How does Sn-ap work? Watch our video!

* Code expires 30th March 2017