Five things to do with a fiver in Nottingham

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  1. Buy 2.9 coffees to wake you up for the day
  2. Buy 1.6 pints of lager to chill you out after the day
  3. Drive two blocks in a taxi
  4. Travel 9% of the way to London via train (roughly as far as Loughborough or Grantham…)
  5. Travel the full distance to London comfortably in a Sn-ap coach, and have leftover change to buy a coffee or a pint when you get there


With Sn-ap’s reliable and luxurious family-run coaches, you can travel from London to Nottingham for as little as £3. Book now.



Based on average coffee price in Nottingham at £1.70

Based on average price of a pint of lager in Nottingham at £3.00

Cheapest train ticket available on Trainline is £55