5 reasons coach travel is better than rail travel

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  1. You can take your luggage with you and not fear it falling off a shelf and knocking someone out / falling off a precariously stacked pile and rolling out the door
  2. No overcrowding – you get an actual real-life seat that you can easily get to (not blocked by all the standers) that’s just for you, not a seat occupied by a freeloader who gets annoyed with you for turning up
  3. The pick-up and drop-off points are handy and close to the places you actually want to get to, not on the outskirts of a suburb you’re unfamiliar with.
  4. Feel better about travelling – coach travel is the most environmentally-friendly form of travel there is. Coaches have the lowest carbon footprint of any form of motorised intercity transport and each coach on the road removes the need for around 30 cars that contribute to Britain’s congestion problems. Boom.
  5. It’s CHEAP. Coach travel is dramatically cheaper than train travel plus because of its unique demand-based system, Sn-ap’s coaches are even cheaper than National Express and Megabus.