10 Questions With Anna, Digital Marketing and Customer Service Manager

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Meet Anna, our digital marketing and customer service manager

1) What’s your role at Sn-ap?

My role at Sn-ap is Digital Marketing and Customer service Manager


2) What does that look like on a daily basis?

On a daily basis my duties are oriented to manage all sort of customers’ queries via phone, through our emailing system and social media platforms. (Facebook and Instagram particularly).

The creativity side of this position is focused in finding new ways of promoting the business, gather and monitoring clients response in order to improve our way of working. I also research what’s interesting to talk about and write for the SN-AP blog, especially in relation to things to do or event to attend in our selected locations.


3) Have you always worked in travel/tech, or do you have a different background?

I also have a different background.

I have worked, in fact, in several sectors such as Retail,Hospitality and Media with major years of experience in Sales, Journalism and Social Media.


4) What’s been your worst ever experience on public transport?

When the subject comes to “Experience with Public Transport” there are loads of bad ones to be remembered. In Italy, for example, I remember I book a train to go from Central Italy to North of Italy and even though the estimated time was 4hours, I got there after 7hours due to several delays and break downs.

In London life seemed to treated me better in terms of Transport efficiency but it didn’t seem to save me from tube strikes and trains’ cancellation.

I remember once I was stuck at Stansted Airport with a pre paid ticket but they cancelled the last train to Liverpool Street and tried to save their face with a replacement bus which I was really unhappy about as it was going to take ages! If my intention was to travel via coach, I would have booked a coach and save an huge amount of money too.

I would like to avoid talking about all the times National Express upset me with their “wi fi” on board for then letting me discover that there is a wi-fi on board but in 25 times, it never worked for me. I would have preferred they could have avoided focusing their campaign on that (with big signs on the outside body of the coach) and be more honest about its functionality! Shall I also mention that time they arrived 1 hour later than the estimated time and I miss my flight? Well, better I don’t because, after that, I haven’t booked through them anymore !


5) What’s your favourite piece of tech (can be a device, an app, literally anything) and how has it made a difference to your life?

My favourite piece of tech? Google Maps of course! That helped me for years and everywhere to don’t get lost as that’s my main speciality! (unfortunately for me)

I also love Skype, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter considering them the main Portal for conscientiously learning, sharing, spreading and participating in all sort of discussion, initiative or project I wish to be part of.


6)What’s the best thing about working at Sn-ap?

The best thing in working at Sn-ap is that being still a start up, I have the opportunity to work on something completely new, “build” the way we work and sharing my ideas with a faboulos, supporting and extremely open minded team!

I also deeply like how people can get ideally where they want when they desire if there is the right number for running a coach! According to that, my dream is being able to export this idea to my bella Italy as we are very crap in terms of transports connections and in some part of Italy, unless you don’t have a car, you can not go anywhere nice! And in that case it is not only a question of money but of transport services completely missing!

I guess in England the main problem is to fight with the competition! But we’ll do that and win! This is another thing I love of working on sn-ap! Enthusiasm and Optimism are always in the air!Such as Love 🙂


7) Sn-ap is about on-demand travel, giving customers the power to decide where they go and when. What would be your ideal Sn-ap journey, and who with?

Mmmmm. This sounds like an offer I can’t refuse…Well if I have the opportunity, my ideal trip will be London- Bournemouth between July/ August possibly in a sunny day !

I saw the ocean for the first time in Bournemouth and I also had a romantic weekend there (once, a long time ago) so I would love to go back and enjoy a bit of summer (that for Italians does not exist in London).

I would bring my flatmate with me.. She is from Naples and misses the sea so much!



8)What’s the best snap decision you’ve ever made?

The best sn-ap decision so far? Join the sn-ap team of course!!!!


9)What’s been your funniest moment at Sn-ap?

The funniest moment was around the Easter Period! Our boss secretly sent an Easter chocolate egg to all members of the team without knowing the message was not included!

I think I was first to receive it and I was so excited about. I didn’t care who was the sender at first but after three days the voice of me having an admired was already spread in the office that I started to like the idea of having one! You should have seen my face when I discovered that my imaginary admirer was my employer.. I was still super happy about the kindness of the sender but together with my colleagues we just had a big laugh about my non-existant fan and broken dreams. It was hilarious!


10) Since we’re moving round the corner to a pizza place… what’s your favourite kind of pizza?

You are just touching my Achille’s Heel talking about Pizza! YES! Make yourself ready to listen to how fussy, picky and annoying can Italians be about their pizza!

My favourite one is Italian, (which means made with fresh ingredients possibly by an Italian Chef or a very trained one even if coming from somewhere else- ketchup and cheddar on top are extremely banned)! So, it is Italian Pizza with Tomato, Mozzarella, porcini mushrooms, ham and truffle (the real one, not those chemical sauces with written “truffle” outside the bottle). The general composition has to be not too thick nor too thin, well cooked but not burnt, possibly with a crunchy crust! That’s it! 😀